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In 5 Steps to 250 Students…

I give studio owners the foundational work to set-up their business to across the 5 pivotal areas of Shaping Your Dream, Business Development, Dancer Development, Teacher Development & Increasing your Revenue.

When striving to grow your numbers or you have been running for less than 5 years, you require a different strategy and thought process.

You need to try things, make the mistakes, have your face seen by your families to develop trust and connection.

This isn’t basic level information though. It’s dance business mastery. I set studio owners up for a fast track to taking their studio to the next level…and from there, the sky’s the limit.

Getting to 250 students is all about


    1. Attract the right people
    2. Entice them to try out a class
    3. Sign them up
    4. Retain them for life

You need to listen to the conversations in the waiting area, get and understanding of what your families would really benefit from and get a feel for things that are working and things you can tweak…it’s also the time where you need to build your systems –

This is how you build a solid foundation

get to 250 students

What you’ll get

5 Content Modules (each module comes with a document, workbook, and a series of videos by Jen)

  • Module 1: Shaping your Dream
  • Module 2: Business Development
  • Module 3: Dancer Development
  • Module 4: Teacher Development
  • Module 5: Increasing your Revenue


    • – Preschool program; and
    • – Assistant Teacher Training Program; and
    • – Teacher Training Program
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