Change up the wording and ideas to suit the style of dance that you are teaching, but the general idea is the same. These warm-up ideas are using imagery, creativity and student involvement.

 Sit like a ‘tall ballerina’ – stretch up, ‘yukky ballerina’ – slouch, Hip Hop: sit tall (hammer hits for 4 or 8 counts) and slouch (hit the floor for 4 or 8 count)

 Smell toes ‘pooey’, ‘peek-a-boo’ eyes look forwards then sit tall

 Legs stretched out in front and cover them with chocolate syrup/fairy glue/ballerina glue so they don’t come apart, Hip Hop: glue, cement, chewing gum

 Point toes ‘pretty feet/good ballerina toes’, flex feet ‘eew, yukky feet/bad ballerina toes’

 Reach arms up, lean forward towards toes, ‘kiss your knees’ – kiss both knees and reach up again

 Reach arms up lean forward tickle your toes/tinkling raindrops/falling snowflakes/twinkling fairy dust

 Chant and touch: toes, knee, shoulders, head – start slow then speed it up

 Rub hands together ‘warming up our hands’ clap/count: 4/4 clap, clap/floor/count 2/4, clap/legs/floor (slower) 3/4 timing

 Straddle legs, arms out to the side: lean to one side, sit up ‘pop’ repeat other side

 Straddle legs, lean over and grab outstretched leg ‘Give your leg a hug’ repeat other side

 Elbows on the ground  Lay on tummy – toes to head

 Rock on tummy (forward and back) arms stretched out to the side/breast stroke arms, legs lifted off the ground ‘Swim like a mermaid/dolphin/shark/fish Hip Hop: rock like a boat, rocking chair, see saw  Reach and grab each foot one at a time (quad stretch)

and so much more…… download the entire warm up list by clicking below.