Are you a dancer who wants a career in teaching? Do you want to make your passion your career? How about an online, fast-tracked way to get it done?

Be a part of the NEXT GENERATION of Dance Teachers who demonstrate outstanding teaching ability by teaching dance beyond the steps. Dance Teacher Central was formed to Educate and Empower the next generation of dance teachers. Now, I know you are an amazing dancer and performer but being able to be an amazing teacher is a very different thing. I’m talking about the ability to effectively teach dance and make a true and positive impact. I know you have spent years learning the art of dance & performance yourself and that combined with this training will help you achieve the ‘Core Foundations’ of teaching. This training will take you to the next level!

Our YouTube Channel is always growing and is a great place to learn about Dance Industry News and training available to Dance Teachers and Studio Owners. Check it out [CLICK HERE] and remember to subscribe.

Youtube is handy to give our community insights into our packages available for example the one below being the HOW TO HIRE OUT MY DANCE STUDIO SPACE FOR EXTRA INCOME. CLICK BELOW IF YOU WANT TO SEE MORE.

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