1. Creates and additional income stream for your business
  1. Creates and opportunity for you to streamline a few premises processes which makes your studio safer and more secure
  1. Advertises your business even more on a different angle to that of just your normal class marketing
  1. Adds venue security by having more people in your studio during more of the week
  1. Provides you cross promotion opportunities with the people or groups hiring your studio space
  1. Provides increased security to your premises having more people on site more often decreasing the chance of opportunistic break ins to empty premises
  1. The extra income generated can allow you to do those other things in your business you always wanted to, for example new signage, update your sound system, put in CCTV or buy new tumbling mats
  1. Learn an easy way to manage your hirers, review their actions and accesses all from a few simply apps / programs on your phone
  1. The extra income can allow you to consider moving into a larger studio space you always wanted but did not think you could afford.
  1. Provides income to your business during holiday periods when your business is not generating income.

Learn how to hire out your studio