So your daughter or son wants a career in dance. What to do next.


By Jen Dalton

Does your son or daughter light up when they dance? Do they love going to class and could practice for hours? Do they have a genuine love for dance? If so, a career in dance may be the road that they take, because you have to love it if you want to make it your career.

As a mum and a dance teacher, I come from a long line of dancers, and it doesn’t stop with me. Both my Grandmothers were dancers, my Mum was a dancer and a teacher – so it was inevitable that I took this path. Your situation may be a little different, and your dance family tree may have started with you, or your daughter or son! Either way, it’s a great road ahead, and let me tell you why.

A dance career could mean you could take many avenues, from teaching to performing, to choreographing or directing.  No day will be the same. You’ll work hard, you’ll train hard, and you’ll learn lots. And, if you choose to, you’ll choose to share the love and shape the next generation by becoming a dance teacher.

A dance teacher’s role shouldn’t be taken lightly. You are part mentor part counsellor and a role model to your students. It means you hold a student’s future in your hands and it goes beyond the classroom. As teachers, we have a responsibility to inspire the next generation of dancers to be the best they can be.

I always had and still have unwavering support from both my parents, both physically and emotionally and I really believe that is why I have been so blessed to have such an amazing career in the industry. They always saw dance as a positive experience in learning skills and building confidence at the same time. My mum still plays a major part in my career today – she is my saving grace supporting me and my dance studio business. And it looks as though my daughters may follow in my footsteps as well.

For some it’s the love of getting on a stage and sharing their passion with an audience, for others it’s the thrill of teaching and mentoring until the student nails the combo, whatever the thrill, a career in dance needs a love of the art. You have to want to do it so much that your heart, sole and passion drive you, even on the challenging days when every answer is “no”. If your child shows a natural and genuine love for dance, then a career in dance might be right for them. I’ve put together my experiences and everything I’ve learnt along the way to help you. Enrol your child in Dance Teacher Central’s Core Foundations course.