Ensure that your studio is a Child Safe Organisation
As a studio owner/director, it is yours, and your teacher’s responsibility to keep your little dancers safe.

Ensuring you have good child safe policies that you and your team are aware of is the best way to reduce risks and keep all children safe in your environments.

The child safe approach includes education on appropriate and acceptable behaviours.

To keep our children safe, the Office of the Children’s Guardian encourages organisations to use a range of responses to manage the potential risks in their individual environments, including meeting their Working with Children Check legal obligations. This module will show you how you, as a dance studio owner, can put policies and procedures in place so that all dancers in your care flourish in a safe environment.

While a criminal record check can be an important tool in an organisation’s approach to being ‘child safe’, they can’t identify people who have not previously been caught or raise red flags for those that are yet to offend.

Implementing effective child safe policies and practices is the best way for an organisation to protect the children they are involved with.