This is such a great question that I get asked often. Once you have finished your own dance training, there are numerous avenues to study and become a dance teacher, it depends where you see your career heading as to what option you choose to take.

You can access certified training through many studios, colleges, dance companies, tafe or university. There are options of Certificates 3 & 4 and Diploma in Dance Teacher Management as well as Degrees and Masters in Teaching Dance in schools. Maybe you would prefer to further your study through dance companies such as Royal Academy of Dance or Australian Teachers of Dance? The options available these days are incredible…

Plus, we are living in a time where information is at our fingertips and the ability to study online is now not only affordable but fast-tracked and convenient so there is no excuse for anyone not to invest in study to further their career!

Being a self-confessed ‘learn-o-holic’ I suggest that everyone continually studies to add to their qualification portfolio as well as experience;


There is a WHOLE lot more to being a great dance teacher than just qualifications…you need to have an internal drive and passion to really make it in this industry…

Below are 5 things you need to do and harness along with your study to become a dance teacher:

  1. Technical training

You must complete your technical training. It’s where you study dance through your dance studio, performing arts company, or college learning as much as you can about safe dance practice, technique and skills. Different studios will teach different syllabi. It doesn’t matter which one you learn, as long as it covers the fundamentals and core foundations required for you to have a solid understanding of dance.

  1. Experience

As with any career, on the job training is THE BEST experience anyone can get, so actively seek out the opportunity to offer your time. Offer your time or volunteer in any capacity at your studio – even if you aren’t in the classroom in the beginning. Having the opportunity to experience as many different teaching styles, classroom management, events or production situations as possible is invaluable. This is the ultimate way for you to learn and grow exponentially and become really clear about where you are heading.

  1. Communication

An essential skill for any teacher is to perfect communication. When you think about communication, know that it includes so much more than just talking. Once you become aware of the different variations of communication, you will notice an extreme improvement with the connection to your students, the impact you have on them and their growth.

  1. Connection

I’ll let you in on the secret of all secrets when it comes to being an exceptional dance teacher. It’s being able to truly connect with your students. Once you work out how to communicate with them, you will then be able to get the best out of them each lesson. The connection is the vehicle where you as the teachers can form a relationship with your students that will enable them to identify what you are teaching them.

  1. Open your mind & never stop learning

Open your mind & never stop learning even once you do land the job of your dreams!

Don’t get complacent or think you know everything – because none of us ever do! And if you do start adopting this attitude…you’ll find your career come to a rather quick halt!!

The dance industry is continually changing with new and exciting developments, teachings and opportunities and we have a responsibility to our students to stay fresh and up-to-date with everything new that’s going on – This is the beauty of our industry.

Jen x