Hey dance fam! Jen here, and today we’re diving into the Marketing Spending and Seasonal Strategies that you can implement through-out your entire year. This is a question that gets asked a lot, recently. And it’s a REALLY GREAT question. 

Especially as many of you are starting to look for ways to work smarter and not harder. You are wanting to be efficient with your time to work on both the creative and business sides of running your studio. So, this means you are asking great questions…and I’m here for it! 

As usual, I’m keeping this content/concept as simple as possible. You want a number – and I’m going to give it to you. This is of course my suggestion to use, based off what has worked and not worked for me and the studio owners in my mastermind – so a great cross section of data and experience for you to work with and find out what will best work for you. 

You may have heard me talk about our dance year in seasons and this is also how I work out how much I spend across the year. 

Now, when it comes to budgeting, I suggest between 10-20% of your revenue for marketing is a good rule of thumb. But, remember I’m working through the different seasons so you’ve will need to adjust these percentages or the amount based on your studio’s unique situation. So, let’s break it down further:

I’ll work through each season, just remember this is based on my studio – which is in the southern hemisphere and our dance year is Feb – Dec. Regardless of how your dance year is set-up, you will have similar seasons, just across different months of the year. 

So, just read and adjust to when they work for you. 

 Retain & Thrive Season (September – October, November – December): 

Right now, for us in the southern hemisphere or those who are finishing up your dance year in December, it’s time to focus on retaining your current dance families. During this time, consider allocating around 10% of your revenue. Focus should be on your re-enrolment or roll-over strategy to keep your already happy families in your studio. Remember we are making this easy and giving them some great incentives and reasons to continue.

 As you move into November and December, you could consider kicking it up a notch to 10-15%. This will include a little bit of awareness for potential new families, but also teases for any new and exciting offers or opportunities coming next year. 

It’s the season to nurture those relationships and let your dancers know they’re part of something special and they should continue dancing with you. 

  1. New Enrolment Season (January – February, November – December): 

As we head into a new year, it’s time to really focus in on the New Enrolment Season. Here, I’d recommend going high with your budget – approximately 20% of your revenue. This is your grand entrance, the red-carpet moment for new students. Invest in standout marketing campaigns, targeted advertising, and maybe even some special introductory offers or events. Don’t forget to think about offline marketing as well. Each year we execute some great offline marketing ideas that are low budget, but have a great ROI. 

It’s about making a lasting impression, creating buzz, and getting those new dancers through the door. Your budget should reflect the importance of this season as you aim to grow and expand your dance family. 

  1. Strengthen & Sustain Season (March – June): 

Now things have settled a bit, it’s time to focus on maintaining that momentum you’ve built. Allocate around 5 – 10% of your revenue during March to June for your Strengthen & Sustain Season. It’s not about flashy moves but rather about nurturing your existing connections, refining your offerings, and keeping the vibe strong. Consider loyalty programs, personalised experiences, and consistent communication to sustain the momentum. This is your time to fine-tune, ensure your current dancers are happy and engaged, and build a solid foundation for the year ahead. 

  1. Innovate & Elevate Season (July – August): 

Imagine July and August for you as the studio owner to start thinking outside the box, meeting with your team, collaborating on fresh and new ideas for your studio. 

I’d recommend allocating around 15% of your revenue for marketing. It’s the season of creativity, where you introduce new workshops, themed events, or maybe even collaborate with a local business to bring fresh energy to your studio. This mid-budget groove is about pushing boundaries, showing your community that your studio is not just a place to dance but an ever-evolving experience. 

Now, these percentages are more like friendly suggestions than strict rules. Your studio’s unique situation might call for a bit more or a tad less investment during these seasons. Remember, the key is to test, measure, and adjust as needed. Flexibility is your best friend. 

While budgeting for paid advertising, never underestimate the power of authentic content that naturally draws in your audience. It’s the organic groove that complements the more structured moves. 

Remember, marketing is a dance – exciting, strategic, and uniquely yours. Get the rhythm right, and you’ll see your studio not just grow but own your space in every season. 

I hope this has given you some clarity around when and what to spend on marketing. 

Remember, you can always access the Dance Studio Ignite Program which goes into a whole lot more detail about how, when and what to market. 


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