Attention studio owners – do any of the below describe how you’re feeling? ????
???? You’ve exhausted all your business and financial growth ideas and want to break past the plateau.
???? You are consumed with ideas, you want to take your studio to its next level, but you’re not sure where to start.
???? You want someone to jump into YOUR business and give you bespoke ideas and specific strategies for you to implement right away.
???? You NEED to be held accountable to help get financial control, flow & momentum to get your goals executed fast.
???? You want an intimate and immersive experience with other high-achieving studio owners providing a unique environment for support, growth and collaboration.
I have the solution for you……
I’m so excited to introduce you to the Dance Studio Scaled Mastermind which is the only place you need to be for growth, impact and profit. And guess what? We get started in just a couple of days time! ????
If there’s any part of you that thinks growing your business means more work, working harder, more effort, more hours, I want you to know that often the opposite is actually what’s true. We start by looking at what we can remove, what we can stop doing, and what we can amplify.
If you’re interested in joining in the March 2024 intake, DM me to book a quick suitability call to see if Dance Studio Scaled Mastermind is for you. ????
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