Be realistic when you are first starting out in your teaching career. Just because you did 12 months full-time dance and performance training or you starred on a reality dance TV show, does not skyrocket your worth to those with years and years of experience.

Our great teachers and leaders in the industry, who have 20yrs+ experience, have earned the right to name their price. A student coming from 1 or 2 years study has not.

Once you finish your training and education and it’s time to land that dream job, you need to be realistic about your paid rate. Generally, you should expect to be offered at or slightly above the award wage as determined by Fair Work.

If you are successful in your interview, most studio owners will give you a letter of offer of employment with your pay rate…

I would encourage you not to walk into the conversation and demand an outrageous hourly rate if you are just starting out…it certainly won’t help you get the job!

I understand that money is essential in your life. I know everyone  needs to pay bills, eat and put fuel in the car, however, if at the beginning of your career you expect to make the same wage as someone in a ‘normal’ type job, then you are mistaken.

As with many creative jobs, there needs to be an element of passion and love for you to get through the first couple of years…but trust me, if you put in the time and trust the process there is money to be made…but first…

  • Do your time
  • Get as much experience as you can
  • Listen to your mentors
  • Earn a great reputation with in the industry

Thanks for hanging out with me and please share this with other dance teachers you know who may be experiencing the same things…and don’t forget to let me know how you go with it…See you soon with more training ideas!