To start with I need you to answer 3 questions:

QUESTION 1: Where are you right now? (professionally/career)

Personally: e.g. feeling overwhelmed, challenged, bored?

Financially: e.g. struggling, rolling in it?

Practically: e.g. Do you love where you’re teaching, are you happy with what you are doing each week?


QUESTION 2:  Where do you want/need to go?

Personally: e.g. more satisfaction, challenged, less pre-school classes?

Financially: e.g. What do you need to survive, play money?

Practically: e.g. How many hours can you fit in/need to fill


QUESTION 3: How good are you and how/where can you improve?

 This is (of course) subjective and depends on your confidence/experience/feedback

You can measure this by:

  • Retention
  • Job offers
  • Re-occurring work
  • Income
  • Increase hours/classes

What is it exactly that you need to take your teaching to the next level?

  • 3 Areas to focus on
  1. Yourself – what you need to work on for yourself
  2. Your Performance – in the classroom and your students
  3. Your Results – measure your growth and success

This is such a complex topic and have done a video training on exactly what you need to do with each area…Take a look here: